Anyone can pitch to brands! And here’s why!

Bloggers talk to other bloggers.

And how to pitch to brands is one of the many topics bloggers discuss online.

Discussions range from improving our blogs, the latest and greatest SEO ideas, all the way to social media tip and tricks, and of course, what to watch next on Netflix.

But how to pitch to brands and work with brands is one of the hottest topics, and seems to get a wide range of opinions.

These discussions usually start with “should I pitch to brands”. Or “how do I pitch to brands” And inevitably ends with a blogger doubting themselves or their value.

So if you’re a blogger who doesn’t think a brand will work with you. Or you doubt your blog is good enough or popular enough.

Maybe you think your blog doesn’t have anything to offer brands.

Then this post is for you. Those bloggers who undervalue themselves and their blogs.

Blogger Anxiety

These days, I’m happy to pitch a brand. In fact, I do it fairly regularly.

But it wasn’t always this way. For a long time, I wasn’t comfortable or confident enough to try.

Pitching to brands was embarrassing and daunting and I suffered from something I like to call “bloggers anxiety”.

I would stop myself mid-pitch to brands I wanted to work with because of the same doubts I think most bloggers have at some stage.

  • What if they say no or don’t reply.
  • You aren’t popular enough.
  • Not enough social media followers.
  • Your writing sucks and so do your photos.

While the above reasons held me back for a long time. My biggest fear was something else entirely. Value for money.

This kept me up at night. Worried if I was ripping off a brand.

They’ve offered us something free of charge, in exchange for a blog post and some social media coverage.

Are they getting the same monetary value back that they invested in us?

I know it sounds like a silly thing to worry about, but it really used to stress me out for a long time.

Until I really started to consider my own self worth, and more importantly, my blogs worth.

The cost of words

I don’t know about all bloggers, but my blog posts take forever to produce!

A typical blog post, polished and complete would take an estimated 10+ hours or more to write. (12+ hours if you include photo editing, SEO, and all the other aspects needed to create a blog post)

I’ll initially spend a few hours just getting the most important information into WordPress. Then a few more hours are spent brainstorming what I’ve written.

Does it flow? Can it be improved? Am I missing any information?

While I might not physically be typing anything, I’m still “clocked in and on the job”.

I’m still switched on and focused on producing and constructing the perfect blog post. Not just for my own satisfaction, but for the brand and readers satisfaction.

If you do the maths and combine the hours you spent crafting a fantastic blog post against a minimum wage. Straight away your post is worth a few hundred dollars or more in purely monetary value.

And that monetary value doesn’t even account for the creativity you’ve poured into that blog post.

Blogging Costs

Blogging isn’t cheap! As bloggers we pay for a seemingly endless list of things!

Domain names, web hosting and site security to name but a few. And it always seems to be renewal time somehow, doesn’t it?

Then you have costs (if you can’t do them yourself) like logo creation and website design.

And lets not forget plugins! Sure, there are free plugins, and some are very good. But the best plugins, are the best for a reason!

These are the premium plugins. They keep your site running smoothly, add additional features, and keep your site backed up and secure.

But premium plugins aren’t free. Almost all of them cost for a yearly subscription.

These little expenses all add up over the year! And you’re paying for it!

Ongoing exposure

Even the smallest blog, with minimal visitors, has something to offer brands.

You might not have 100,000 visitors a month. But once you hit publish on that amazing custom crafted blog post you wrote, its ongoing exposure for the brands you worked with.

That post will be available on your blog for every visitor to enjoy for as long as your blog exists. Whether that be a 2 years or 20 years.

Even a small or new blog receiving minimal monthly visitors is still valuable for brands.

Imagine a blog with a few hundred visitors a month, extend that over a few years, and that’s still a lot of exposure for a brand.

And the beauty about blogs is that they generally get more popular over time as more content is added.

Osprey backpacks
Stick to brands you use and love

Social Media exposure

So the brand you worked with is getting ongoing exposure on your blog. But the exposure doesn’t end there.

As a blogger you’ve probably spent an ungodly amount of time promoting, engaging and building a loyal follower base across multiple social media channels.

You spent the time writing them, and you want people to read and enjoy them right? So you’ll no doubt share your blog posts across all these social media channels for years to come.

Even a small social media following can receive a lot of exposure over the years. Posts can be shared an unlimited amount of times or they could go viral and potentially reach millions of people.

Pitch or not?

In the end, deciding whether to pitch to brands or not is entirely a personal choice.

Just remember the value you bring to the table.

  • Your creativity, writing skills, photography skills, SEO skills and everything you do to run your blog adds value.
  • Financially maintaining your site that hosts long term content for the brands you work with adds value.
  • Reaching those loyal social media followers who trust your opinion adds value.
  • Ongoing promotion and exposure for the brands you work with adds value.

Hopefully after reading this you’re feeling more positive about the idea. You’re viewing yourself as excellent brand material.

Maybe you’ll give it a shot? Maybe you won’t?

Hopefully your pitch is successful. You’ll get to enjoy working with a brand you love. And produce awesome and interesting content.

If not, just remember that the worst that can happen is some unknown person. On the end of an email address. Well, they might say no.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Keep producing amazing content and they might be the ones contacting you soon enough.

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  1. I agree! A lot of brands just look at stats for the most part to determine if to work with you or pay even pay you to promote their stuff. Not understanding all of the work, money and hours we constantly put in to our blogs. Great post!


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