Lobster Ponds: Home Of The Largest Freshwater Lobster

Giant Tasmanian freshwater lobster from Lobster Ponds, Flowerdale, Tasmania

Can you imagine a lobster the size of a small dog? When it comes to freshwater crustaceans, the waterways of Tasmania hide the king of them all. The Giant Tasmanian Freshwater Lobster. We visited these river giants, which are the largest freshwater lobster in the entire world at Lobster Ponds, located in Flowerdale, around 28 …

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Liffey Falls: Walking Tasmania’s Waterfall Trail

Image of Liffey Falls in Tasmania

Liffey Falls is without a doubt one of the prettiest locations In Tasmania. Liffey Falls State Reserve is located near the township of Liffey, around 70 minutes drive from Launceston or 35 minutes from Deloraine in Central North Tasmania. The reserve boasts two walking trails, both of which lead to Victoria Falls. This post focuses …

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Seahorse World: Tasmania’s Seahorse Farm

Group of yellow seahorses at Seahorse World, Beauty Point, Tasmania

Seahorse World gets you behind the scenes of a real life working seahorse farm. Seahorse World is located right next to Platypus House on Inspection Head Wharf. The lovely old wharf sits out over the Tamar River in the North East of Tasmania in the picturesque town of Beauty Point. An easy 47 minutes drive …

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Platypus House: Tasmania’s Monotreme Wonderland

Female Platypus swimming in her enclosure at Platypus House, Beauty Point, Tasmania

Platypus House is probably the easiest and simplest place to see Platypus and Echidna in Tasmania. Platypus House is located in a beautiful spot on the aptly named Beauty Point. It sits opposite from Seahorse World on the lovely Inspection Head Wharf which sits out over the Tamar River in the North East of Tasmania. …

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Mushrooms of Tasmania: 15 of our favourite photos

Bunch of yellow topped mushrooms

Mushrooms. Some people like their mushrooms sauteed with a little butter and enjoyed with a glass of wine. Others just enjoy hunting them down in their natural environment and trying to snap a cool photo. My family definitely falls into the latter category! Almost every weekend we try to hit the road. For us, nothing …

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Beaconsfield Mine & Heritage Centre

Old steam tractor in the Diprose Room at Beaconsfield Mine and Heritage Centre

Beaconsfield. This small former gold mining town lies close to the Tamar River, around 40 kms from Launceston in Tasmania’s North East. It hit international headlines on April 25th, 2006, when a 2.3 magnitude earthquake triggered an underground collapse in the local gold mine. Most of the miners working underground at the time managed to …

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