Creating and using encrypted folders to secure your data

Mobile device stolen? Stop thieves accessing your data by using an encrypted folder.

Advances in technology have made data storage a high priority. Digital cameras create larger images files. Once simple text documents now contain high resolution images. Low resolution movies are no longer the norm. Now replaced by ultra high definition movies.

Whether it be online, hard drives or portable hard drives. Data is stored in vast amounts daily.

This digital lifestyle has also become more mobile due to the creation of devices such as mobile phones and laptops.

Devices continue to get smaller, more powerful and more portable day by day. Staying connected has never been easier either. Hotels, bars and a whole range of businesses offer free WiFi. This has made it easier to travel, stay connected and share data online.

While it has created a useful and always connected mobile world. It has created the issue of data security. Securing data with encryption can stop unwanted copying and distribution of your private data.

This simple step by step guide can help you to create a simple encrypted folder. This folder will ensure your data remains secure by using strong encryption algorithms.

Why secure your data?

You no doubt have data that you want to keep secure, everything from travel photos, photos of your children, to passwords for your online banking or social media accounts.

Family photos appearing online? Bank accounts drained? Identity theft? These issues can cause real headaches, privacy concerns and financial risks. Once data is uploaded online it can almost impossible to remove.

Why VeraCrypt?

VeraCrypt is free and easy to use and requires no internet connection (once installed) while providing extremely strong levels of encryption.

It’s not affiliated with any government agency and therefore has no “software backdoor” to allow unauthorized access to your data if court ordered.

Being open source software, the source code is available for anyone to inspect. This ensures that any flaws are quickly found, reported and fixed to ensure data security.

VeraCrypt software functions on all the main operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows, MAC OS X and Linux.

Software Installation

Navigate to the VeraCrypt Download page and install the required version for your computer’s operating system.

Encrypted Folder Setup Guide

Follow the steps below to begin creating an encrypted folder.

Create volume image
Create Volume

Opening VeraCrypt will bring you to the main screen.

Select Create Volume to begin the encrypted folder building process.

Create encrypted file container
Create Encrypted File Container

Select Create an Encrypted File Container.

Standard veracrypt volume
Standard VeraCrypt Volume

Select Standard VeraCrypt Volume.

Volume location image
Volume Location

Select File and navigate to where you would like the encrypted folder stored.

Specify path file name image
Specify Path And File Name

Specify File Name and the Location where your VeraCrypt folder will be stored.

In this demonstration the folder will be located on the Desktop and named Chasing Ronin.

(Name and place it in the location of your choosing)

Confirm volume location image
Confirm Volume Location

Confirm the Volume Location is correct and select Next to continue.

Encryption option image
Encryption Option

Choose your Encryption Options. (Leave these as default)

Select Next to continue.

Volume size image
Volume Size

Choose the Volume Size you would like your folder.

In this demonstration we have selected 1GB.

Choose the size you require. (Be aware that folder size cannot be changed once created)

Volume password image
Volume Password

Choose a Volume Password that you’ll remember and select Next.

The longer and more complex the password, the more secure the encrypted folder will be.

Try to include Upper and Lower case characters and special characters or numbers.

VeraCrypt will display a pop up message if it believe your password is too short.

Ignore this message if you are happy with your password.

Volume format image
Volume Format

Select the Volume Format and then select Format.

In this demonstration we have selected NTFS. (A newer format suited to larger files)

Volume created image
Volume Created

Your secure encrypted folder has been created.

Either select Next to create another folder, or Exit to finish.

Using Your Encrypted Folder

Your new encrypted folder requires a few steps to use.

Below we will walk you through how to mount and dismount your encrypted folder.

Mount volume screen
Mount Volume

Before using the encrypted folder you will need to Mount it.

Open VeraCrypt, click Select File, navigate to the folders location, and select it.

Mounted volume image
Mounted Volume

You will see your folder appear next to a drive letter. (Ours will mount as the Z: drive)

Click Mount and double-click your folder to open it.

Your folder will act like a standard folder, drop and drag items you want to secure into it.

Once you have finished using the folder or before turning off your computer and select Dismount All to secure it.

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