Hey, welcome to our travel blog!

Let us introduce ourselves. We’re Adam and Ronin. The father and son duo behind Chasing Ronin.

Adam and Ronin

Adam does the writing, photography, social media, manages the blog and Ronin does… not much really!?!

He’s a bit of a freeloader, but genetically he’s a mini version of me, and I like hanging out with him. So he stays for now.

Anyway, back to our riveting story… we originate from the sunny coastline of South Australia. It’s a great part of Australia to live. Amazing beaches, great food scene, and plenty of things to do.

But our nine to five life was becoming pretty dull, and we craved less work and more time together.

So we decided to sell our stuff, take online courses and head to Vietnam to teach.

All was on track for our new life until medical issues sidelined that plan. And instead of tropical Vietnam, we found ourselves living in the opposite of tropical. The beautiful but chilly island of Tasmania.

We aren’t complaining though. While we might not be enjoying cheap street food like we’d planned, we are living in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. We’ve got stunning rivers, rainforests, waterfalls and wildlife all at our backdoor. We feel a bit spoiled sometimes.

So where will the adventure lead from here? We don’t even know that yet…

So where did the travel bug come from?

Growing up in Australia, we never travelled internationally, but thanks to my father, we did explore every inch of this amazing country.

If there was some beautiful off the beaten path area anywhere in Australia, we probably went camping there.

These adventures sparked a joy of exploring new places and trying new things in me. And I eventually spread my wings, so to speak, and headed overseas for some solo adventures.

A small stint living in England, and various trips to Scotland, Cambodia, Singapore, Thailand and a few others made me want to continue exploring.

Further exploring was interrupted by the arrival of my son Ronin. But the adventure wasn’t over for long.

Thankfully Ronin was born with the same spark for adventure I have, and ever since he could walk, he’s been chasing one adventure after another. And that’s how Chasing Ronin was born.

What will you find on Chasing Ronin?

Our aim is pretty simple. We want to share amazing in-depth destination guides filled with everything you need to know to help you plan your next adventure.

We hope our travel blog will inspire you to get out exploring, no matter your financial situation, or where you are in the world, or how much free time you have.

If reading our blog gets you out on even the tiniest adventure, we think that’s a job well done.