Tasmanian National Parks Pass Guide

Planning to visit some National Parks in Tasmania?

We absolutely think you should! Tasmania is world renowned for its outstanding natural beauty. And with a staggering 19 National Parks encompassing a whopping 42% of this Australian state.

A holiday to Tasmania without visiting one or more of these stunning National Parks means you’re really only seeing half of what Tasmania has to offer.

Visiting a National Park requires a park pass, but which one do you need? How much does it cost?

National Park Pass information

Tasmanian National Park passes coming in a variety of types, duration and prices to accommodate almost everyone’s needs. Whether it be a long visit or a short visit. Single person or large group or family.

Pass types

Tasmanian National Park passes are available in two types.

  • Per Person

Entry for 1 person into Tasmanian National Parks.

  • Per Vehicle

Entry for 1 vehicle (with up to 8 people) into Tasmanian National Parks.

Pass prices

Tasmanian National Park passes come in a range prices based on pass duration.

  • Daily Pass (24 hours)

$12 AU per person or $24 AU per vehicle. (Except Cradle Mountain. See below)

  • Holiday Pass (8 weeks)

$30 AU per person or $60 AU per vehicle.

  • 1 Year Pass (12 months)

All parks Pass – $96 AU per vehicle.

One park Pass – $49 AU per vehicle.

  • 2 Year Pass (24 months)

$123 AU per vehicle.

Which pass is right for you?

  • Daily Pass (24 hours)

Daily passes are most useful for people with a set plan, who will only visit a single national park for a single day.

  • 1 – 2 Year Pass (12 – 24 months)

Yearly passes are most useful for residents of Tasmania. Or visitors who plan to visit Tasmanian regularly.

  • Holiday Pass (8 weeks)

Holiday Passes are in our opinion the most useful for visitors to Tasmania. And what the rest of this article is based around.

Cradle Mountain daily pass prices

Cradle Mountain has different prices for daily passes.

  • Adults (18 years old and above) $16.50 AU
  • Children (5 – 17 years old) $8.25 AU
  • Family (2 adults and 3 children) $41.25 AU
  • Free for children under 5 years old

Where to buy?

National Park passes can be purchased from a huge range of locations.

[alert type=”warning” dismiss=”no”]

If purchasing via the Online Parks Pass Portal. Purchase well in advance. Our pass took around 3 weeks to arrive via mail.[/alert]

[alert type=”warning” dismiss=”no”]

Rental cars make online purchasing difficult as you don’t normally know the car registration number before pickup.[/alert]

[alert type=”info” dismiss=”no”]For the above reasons, we recommend purchasing your pass from the first National Park Visitors Centre you attend.[/alert]

Online portal account

If you do purchase National Park passes via the online portal, you get the option to create an account. You will need to supply some basic personal info, an email address and create a password.

Online accounts are only really useful for renewing the 1 or 2 year park passes.

Most visitors buying a Holiday Pass can skip this step when purchasing passes via the online portal.

Dove lake and cradle mountain in tasmania
Cradle Mountain – Lake St Clair National Park

Benefits of buying a holiday Pass?

There are some definite benefits to purchasing a Holiday Pass. Below are what we believe to be the three major benefits.

Saving money

Holiday Passes can certainly keep some much needed spending money in your pocket.

The biggest savings can be found for large groups or families who plan to visit multiple National Parks. But a single person can also save some money using the per person Holiday Pass.

Per vehicle comparison

The quick comparison below shows that a family or group consisting of 2 adults and 2 children, visiting 3 parks in Tasmania can save $29.25 AU.

The more people in a vehicle (up to 8 people) and the more parks visited, the greater the saving.

  • Cradle Mountain – $41.25 per vehicle
  • Freycinet – $24 per vehicle
  • Mount Field – $24 per vehicle
  • Total – $89.25

Or purchase a per vehicle Holiday Pass for $60.

Per person comparison

The quick comparison below shows that a single person, visiting 3 parks in Tasmania can save $10.25 AU.

The more parks visited, the greater the saving.

  • Cradle Mountain – $16.5.25 per person
  • Freycinet – $12 per person
  • Mount Field – $12 per person
  • Total – $40.25

Or purchase a per person holiday pass for $30.


One of the best aspects about the Holiday Pass is the redundancy inherent in the pass.

Tasmanian weather can fluctuate dramatically and rapidly. Being rained out or even snowed out half way through a hike and having to retreat back to your warm wood fire can and does happen.

Having the Holiday Pass will allow you to re-explore the National Park again once the weather has improved without having to purchase another Daily Pass.

It even covers you for unpredictable children. Mid-hike child meltdown or sudden afternoon nap time. Retreat and re-explore another day at no additional costs.

Changing plans

The last benefit of purchasing a Holiday Pass is that it allows you to be fluid with your plans.

Imagine you’re half way through an awesome Tasmanian road trip. You meet some fellow travelers or a friendly local who tells you about an amazing National Park that you must visit!

Having a Holiday Pass allow you to quickly change your road trip plans, check out this awesome National Park everyone is talking about. And because you have the Holiday Pass, this little side trip doesn’t cost you any extra money.

Coastline of Tasmania's Rocky Cape National Park
Rocky cape national park


We believe the Holiday Pass is the most beneficial for almost all visitors to Tasmania. It gives the greatest financial savings and allows the most flexibility of all the passes available.

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  1. I have learned so much about Tasmanian National Parks from reading your post. Buying a holiday pass sounds like an awesome idea. Is it possible to explore all of the parks in Tasmania?

    • Hi Lydia. Glad you found the post useful. You’ll need a fair bit of time to see all the parks in Tasmania! Cradle Mountain for instance can easily soak up a few days and you will only have just scratched the surface of all the amazing sights and hikes available there.

  2. 42% of Tasmania is National Park. That’s an amazing statistic. Almost half of the island.
    I can see a trip in our new Subi coming on horizon.
    Nice photos as usual. Thanks for the post.

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